Saturday, July 10, 2010

More Than Enough

I am praying and believing "more than enough" today and this week and this month and this year. We are getting down to the wire on time, money, resources and energy with many demands still remaining.
18 days and counting down until our lease is up and we need to have this place cleaned and vacated, our stuff moved. Which creates an interesting dilemma as our house isn't ready to move in to yet.
We are spending every spare minute working at the house, trying to do as much ourselves as we can. This has taxed us all as it is hard physical labor (as in we're not in our 20's, or 30's anymore for that matter), and, for most of us, work we haven't done before. Multiple learning curves along with the time pressure.
Of course the money for the house is being quickly depleted and we are concerned about finishing some key areas.
Thankfully life is seasonal. This has been a long and trying one and it's not over yet. I'm curious what God is working in to our lives as it has been arduous and taxing on so many levels. But, regardless of finding out, I am believing for more than enough to get us through to end of it.

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Redradtech said...

God bless your family!!! hey, I started the blog back up. Just thought I would let you know