Friday, January 31, 2014

New Things

Got Football?
You'll be finding me Standing with some greats this week-end!
Happy Superbowl to those of you who care!
This was a week of new things. I am blasted from it all but it's a happy dance kind of blasted. The kind of happy that is summed up by Stewart in Kate and Leopold when he tells Kate, "Something big has happened. Something that justifies my very existence." Well, maybe not that big, but it's a good, happy, wonderful thing. I'll tell ya all about it soon.

Tea or Coffee?
I'll take both, please!
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This week concluded the 3rd Annual Virtual Curriculum Fair. Four weeks of terrific curriculum brought to you by 28 veteran homeschooling bloggers.
Week 4: The Arts

And mark your calendars because I am co-hosting a week-long FB party
The Homeschool Mother's Soiree!
February 12
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So, school? We've kind of taken an early winter break, since I can only do so many things at once and I'm already at 140%. Did I mention blasted, yet? So, the kids read and read and read some more and read again. And played legos and with Flower's new playmobile, courtesy of her 11th birthday, and her astute ability to shop on Amazon, and studied a foreign language and played MineCraft and did Perplexors and bugged Feeche to death. All good things.

You knew that, right?  
My phone grew up. I loved my little notsosmart phone in it's sweet little pink protective case but new things this week included a bigger, better smarter phone, encased in Israeli flag blue. The camera on it rocks and I've actually figured out how to answer it, text from it, photoshop a picture I just snapped and more. It was smarter than me for a few days, but I think I'm back on top of the intelligence curve. Pshew.

How was your week?

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