Friday, January 10, 2014

Dead Winter Weekly Report

You are checking out the Virtual Curriculum Fair, right? 30 seasoned homeschooling bloggers sharing our curriculum picks all month long.
I kicked it off on Sunday with  20 Things I Wish I'd Know about Homeschooling and then it officially got under way on Monday with Language Arts.
Monday, January 13th---Discovering Patterns: Mathematics, Logic, and Science so come back for MORE! 

It's been a cold (-30 below on Monday), windy, long week. Car problems 2 days in a row, both entailing people waiting on rescue in vehicles that weren't going anywhere in very, very cold weather. The second problem, missing the road by 6", totaled the car. Not good on so many levels.

School this week. Well, if you read my post from yesterday, Step it Up, don't take it personally, (unless it applies, of course, and/or is helpful) but it was something I needed to hear.
This week we are just finishing up odds and ends and math. Cub is 2 pages away from being done with Algebra. I and Flower is almost done with Grammar and a bunch of other work-booky things. Meaning I need to order some things, including some non-workbooky things, right?
Learn Math Fast coming right up- along with another awesome review and give-away. My last LMF give-away was for the entire program, so stay tuned for what's coming!

I've had 4 friends say to me that they can't believe I'm selling something and what is all of the coffee/tea chatter about. Yes, it's really me. Yes, we are really promoting Organo Gold Coffee; which means coffee, tea, and a host of other good-for-you items you'll wish you knew about long ago.  It's all been part of the grand plan to get Dr. Dh to quit his yearly winter pneumonia habit and to stop the ugly cycle I've been on of one good, ineffective med leads to another. So far, so good. I'm med-free in 6 months, including one I've been on for 20 years. My hair is thicker than ever, my nails stronger than ever and my joints are not snap, crackle and popping every time I move. WOOT! So, yeah. I LOVE sharing good things with the people  in my life. 

You'll be hearing more from me about the health changes and benefits we've experienced. This stuff is good. 
And hey, I'm crunchy to the core. The heart of Organo Gold is Ganoderma, which has been used for years in alternative medicine. So, see this fits like a glove. 
Coffee that's better than St*rbucks AND  health, 1/3 the cost and delivered to your door? Bring it. 

Flower is reading The Samurai's Tale. She keeps asking things like, "What is a mistress" and "Why did they kill all of the babies and teenagers and leave this one kid", etc. Cub picked the book out for her- geez.
He is almost over his Lawhead kick, having read 6 since mid-December but I'd really like him to read Byzantium before he is through. If you want great, well-researched history and a terrific story, pick Lawhead. I have read no books for weeks. Yeah, that's weird.

I have about 40 blog drafts going- this spring is going to be GREAT if you are looking for Round-Ups, Reviews, Carnivals and Give-aways-all related to homeschooling and crunchy living.
I'm going to be doing some guest blogging about Rural Homeschooling, so if you have any thoughts, hints, tips, ideas or sanity savers about living rural while homeschooling, please comment and tell me what you are thinking.
I'm on google+ and I would love to have you add me to your circles. This is another new thing for me- it will get easier, I know it, right? Any google+ tips, please comment and help a girl out! 
all the time.
Am I the only one who ever feels like this? 

How was your week?

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Tonia said...

Love the Gandalf pic! Haha... I so often feel that way. I'm on Google+ (I have you circled!) and I definitely feel like I'm still in the 'figuring it out' stage.

Unknown said...

Ha! Love Gandalf! I joined Google + but have NO FRIENDS because I haven't taken the time to look into how it works. :) Hope you fare better than I. said...

Tonia- it was so good to see your familiar face over there (on google+). Nice to know I'm in good company : ) said...
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Adamant Academy said...

I feel that way allllllll the time! It has happened a lot LOL