Friday, January 17, 2014

Party Time!

Did you miss the AH-mazing Facebook Party last night for the Mere Christianity Critical Thinking Journal launch? Great chat, tons of curriculum AND a boatload of gifts and prizes, including a Kindle Fire, went to some lucky participants. No worries, because there is another FB party tonight! Woot!
My blogger buddy Sandra Modersohn of Learning Little Lovies is hosting and lined up some awesome prizes (including a gift pack of Organo Gold -health and warmth for these cold winter days!), fun guests and great chat. I'll be there sharing about Memory Work for littles (pre-K/early eled). Go to Golden Grasses FB page -"like" and be ready for a great time! 8 p.m. CST. (and speaking of social media- I'd love it if you found me on  google+- add me to your circles and I'll add ya back!)
School this week- Cub finished Algebra I from Learn Math Fast - it was hard work and we need to do some more drill on polynomials, but it is finished! I'll be doing a review of Algebra I and II of the Learn math Fast program, along with another GREAT give-away of both the entire eled program AND the Geometry, Alg I and II- TWO give-aways at once. I haven't found an upper level math program I love until this one!

Oh, yeah- school. Flower is cruising through Perplexors 4. This is serious deductive reasoning and, thankfully, Feeche is around often enough to help her out with it. He's also been playing games with them- checkers and the President's game- he is the Game Master, so don't think you'll win if he joins in. Flower finished Saxon 5/6 and she wants to stick with Saxon for now. To be ordered along with Saxon 7/6, Mental Math from Great Courses, The History of the Medieval World by SWB, Flying Creatures MP3 from Apologia. Also, Science in the Beginning by my favorite science textbook writer, Dr. Jay Wile!
Homeschooling Hearts & Minds
The Virtual Curriculum Fair is going full swing. 
Week 3: (Monday): Exploring Our world: Social Studies and more Science.
Week 4: (a week from Monday): The Arts.
You can link-up with us and we'd love it if you did - go to the bottom of the post and add yours!  
5 Days of Homeschooling Essentials

Starting on Monday and going ALL Week I'll be featuring the "5 Days of Homeschooling Essentials" Blog Hop. This is going to be a blast! A whole bunch of us have teamed up to bring you some great ideas and will include things like curriculum, supplies, attitudes, space, outside help, co-ops, subject areas, methods, planning and schedules. We're thinking outside the box on this one, so you are going to want to stop by and see what we've come up with!
So, Monday is a 2-fer. The Virtual Curriculum Fair AND the first day of Homeschooling Essentials. If you don't hear from me this week-end, after the FB patry tongiht, know that I am writing and drinking lattes (OG, right?)

Feeche is loving his University classes but cringed all the way to the bank buying textbooks. He is loving the classes and his profs and really looking forward to the landscaping season so he can buff up his bank account once again.
Yes, I totaled the van. AND I think we found a good replacement already. Pshew. It was getting a little dicey between multiple work, school, co-op schedules, living way out of town and 2 cars, one of which doesn't like to go into gear when it gets below 10 degrees. Taking the prospect to the mechanics for a look-over tonight and hopefully, we'll have another van in the drive-way asap. God provision- love that.
Just saying....
 Best marque of the week:
"There here; New Snack Packs"
And for the serious reader, compliments of Dr. Dh's weekly reading:
"The god of the philosophers is indistinguishable from Death."
Douglas Knight in Covenant and Hope.

How was your week?

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