Thursday, January 23, 2014

5 Days of Homeschooling Essentials- Get with the Program

Get with the Program. It's easy to do if you have one already formulated. I'm an event planner from way back and honestly, love the fun and challenge of creating an awesome event. A fresh home school year is just like putting together one big event, right? And what's the secret to event success? You got it- planning! You have to plan your program. Over planning is better than under planning and attention to details is the difference between mediocre and rock out success!

I've written a whole bunch of posts on planning your program that I hope you take the time to read. Each title is a link that will take you to good stuff!

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As I explained in the How to Keep it all Straight post I am a front end load planner and then, once we are go for launch, I'm all about flow. I know from the get-go I've over planned and that we won't get it all done. That's o.k.- it allows for more flex in what inevitably ends up being crazy school days.

I make the most of CD's, DVd's, co-ops, class-days and other helps, that create a richer, broader, deeper educational experience for our family. The homeschooling world is so rich right now, and getting richer by the minute with curriculum, programs, camps and classes. It's really a feast, and our job, as we create a program, is to pick and choose the things that fit with our children's needs, our schedules, our budgets and our vision and mission.

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A Rup Life said...

Lots of resources in this post - I went and read the one for highschool and WOW! That was a lot of information but I enjoyed your perspective especially since we are not quite there yet!!


Mary said...

Love this and I totally agree. I over plan and I utilize a variety of resources to try and keep it rich and fun.

I love all the great links! Thanks :)