Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Where in the World are the Winter Olympics?

Winter Olympics Resources Round-Up
The Schoolhouse Review Crew has teamed up to bring you a whole lotta 2014 Winter Olympics Resources.

My contribution is to ask the question: Where in the World are the Winter Olympics? Russia my friends, specifically, Sochi, which is the Circle with a #12 on it on my drawing.

I've been teaching Mapping the World with Art this year, which combines my love of art with my curiosity about where things are. In honor of the Olympics, I've put together a "how to draw Russia" for you. When you do the initial drawing use a fine lead pencil if you have it- 2H or harder and draw lightly. These are your guide lines. After you have done the initial drawing, go over it again with a darker pencil (soft lead -2B or softer), colored pencil or sharpie. Label your map, helping the student with spelling, and include surrounding countries, oceans, and mountains if you desire. I usually start out any map drawing by asking the students if they know what continent the country is in and then have them point it out on a map or a globe. We always label the capital city and any major lakes, rivers or mountains. Do the drawing first and then go back in and label. Have fun! And don't forget to check out the rest of the amazing resources the Crew has gathered for you as you get ready for the 2014 Winter Olympics!
Don't forget to start the entire drawing off with a Compass Rose in one corner or another, making it as simple or as fancy as you like.

Obviously, this is Russia on it's side. Tech difficulties, further showing the importance of your Compass Rose!
1. Draw a circle  - Siberia and Lake Baikal in lower bottom right.  Lake system in upper left.
2. Draw a smooshed circle to the left fo the first large circle - Moscow and St. Petersburg
3. Draw a  3rd circle to the upper right of the first circle -
4. Draw a flattened circle on the top of circle 3
5. Draw the shape of a knife blade near the lower right of circle 3
6. Draw a upside down triangle under circle 3, touching circle 1.
7. Draw another triangle, whose bottom left corner touches the triangle from circle6, facing to the right.
8. Draw a tear drop shape coming off the top angle from the triangle in step 7.
9. Draw a finger shape coming off the top angle of the triangle in step 7, that does not touch the tear drop in step 8.
10. Draw a smooshed circle on the bottom of circle 1
11. Draw another smooshed circle-ish shape to the left of the smooshed circle in step 10.
12. Draw a square with a "tail" off the lower left hand side of circle #2 - Sochi
13. Draw a triangle at the top of circle 2.
14. Draw a small circle at the top angle of the triangle in step 13.
15. Draw a finger shape above and between circle 1 and 2.
16. Draw a cluster of small circles above the top of circle 1.
17. Draw a small cluster of circles above the lower left hand area of circle 3.

Label the Artic Ocean and Bering Sea, N. Korea, China, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Caspian Sea, Georgia, Armenia, Ukraine, Belarus, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and the USA.

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