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World Exploration -Social and Physical Sciences-Virtual Curriculum Fair Week 3

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This is last year's post from the Virtual Curriculum Fair on the Social and Physical Sciences. I hope you take a minute to check it out because it lists so many of my favorite resources.

It's also worth a mention that we start history and science studies young and use the lasagna learning method. Layering information-books, movies, fields trips, computer programs, the dictionary, presentations, CD's, etc. We often use more than one curriculum to teach a subject, creating richness and depth.

This year we are using a number of different resources for both history and science study- Flower is in 5/6th grade and Cub is in 8th.

D'Aulaires Greek Myths on CD
Story of the World on CD- I mention this every year. Yes, my kids listen to it over and over.
Historical Fiction from great publishing companies like Bethlehem Books
Veritas Press History and Bible Cards -160 Cards in each.
Pre-scripts from Classical Conversations- history sentences along with cursive and drawing study
Mapping the World with Art in co-op- with a Geography Bee at the end of the semester.
The Mere Christianity Critical Analysis Journal
Map and Globe study as we read/interest driven-we have a world map on the wall in the living  room, a couple of very cool atlas's and a globe or two hanging around.
History of the Medieval World on CD
Apologia Biology for High School - textbook.
Flying Creatures of the 5th Day MP3
Memoria Press Geography II

In addition, as I've mentioned before, they are frequently on the NOAA and NASA web-sites.
Both kids also sit in on our Ha Yesoed Bible Study every week.

We have several magazine laying around the house that are frequently read and discussed- Science News, Biblical Archaeological Review and God's World News.

For years we followed a four year history cycle, but we have foregone that in the past couple of years, as the kids have devled into self directed areas of interest. What are you using this year for world exploration?

Please visit my fellow homeschool bloggers as they share the curriculum that they use to teach the Social and Physical Sciences:

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