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A Very Good Year- 2012 Review

It's Review and Resolution Time! 
2012 was a challenging year and in some ways I am beyond ready for a new one. Before I get to what I'm planning and hoping for in 2013, I'm reflecting back on 2012. What worked, what didn't; what got done, what was un-done.
Sukkot Celebration
Good Reads: 63 to date. You can read my 52 Books in a Year Wrap-Up Here.
House Re-build Projects: We made great strides in the re-build program. You can read about it here: Project Report
Writing/ Blogging: I had a short story published, Grandpa's Cottage in an anthology of short stories about growing up in the Midwest (Shapato Publishing). Golden Grasses added followers (THANK-YOU for following and reading this blog!) and I joined the TOS Review Crew (woot!)! I also did several reviews and the most give-aways I've ever done. A total blast!
Family: 2 Graduations: R with a B.A. and KB with a Cosmetology degree/license and an engagement.
School: Last spring was one of the best homeschooling semesters we've ever had. We utilized a plethora of resources, in-sourcing, out-sourcing, probably side-sourcing as we went. The list included
Tutoring Center Academic Class Day (choose the classes, paid teachers, homework, presentations, tests); classes taken: Latin, Science, Writing.
Co-op Fine Arts/ Enrichment: art, music, unit study.
Virtual Classes with Landry Academy pre-law, copywriting, Intro to Biblical Greek
Classes at Home including GC, DVD's, CD's, games, on-line info (NOAA and NASA web-sites etc), Rosetta Stone, travel, field trips, great books.

 Nothing exotic, but lots of family trips
April: Chicago -to see Gram
May- Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana- R's Graduation
May and Oct- Georgia - Feeche's Challenge staff training and then camp
July- Wisconsin-Aunt Rosie and Uncle Kirk's 50th and N. Reunion
Several trips to Nebraska and Iowa to go to the airport,
 (Hi Lynn and Paul!!- thanks for taking in our wayward son on zero notice!),
visit the Adat and rendezvous with Grandparents to transport KB)


Camps/ Classes
Fav Classes of the Year
Flower: Art (Clay class, TC and co-op); American History unit (co-op); Horse study (B.F. Summer Camp -I taught)
Cub: Mary Daly's Science (co-op); Drawing (co-op- I taught)
Feeche: Mary Daly's History and Science (co-op); Creative Writing (TC- I taught)
Me: Great Courses Shakespeare and Science;  math tutoring; Science at TC (Cub); Shakespeare Camp; FLL; Creative Writing, Writing With Skill, Horaitus at the Bridge
Fav Curriculum of the Year:
Memoria Press FMOG, Horatius at the Bridge, Copywork Cursive, Xian Studies
Rosetta Stone
D'Aulaires Norse Myths and Greek Myths on CD
What went right?
Programs that are academically rigorous and challenging, coupled with a lot of good books, fun, experiences and hands on learning. The kids didn't listen to as many CD's as they have in the past and I could tell a difference.
Working through the list of house projects - we still have a ways to go but we made great progress!
Books- the kids didn't read as much as they have in the past. That's about to change!
Books- feeds my inner lit nerd. Found some great new authors. As always, reading expands my world.
Work-out- Feeche was the most diligent. Dr. Dh ran in to some health challenges that slowed him down and I never found a good schedule to get it done. LOVE working out and getting intentional about it for 2013 is on the list.
Feeche found a great Karate studio and l.o.v.e.s it, along with writing for several hours each week.
I have continued to get organized, thanks to GTD and AONC!
How 'bout you? Did you do a 2012 Review?
For more inspiration, check out the TOS Crew Blog Cruise 2012: A Look Back
(FYI: it will post Jan.1, until then it's a blank page)

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