Thursday, April 26, 2012

It's Graduation Season 'Round Here


The big news in our house this week is that KB will be graduating on Monday with a degree in Cosmetology- WOOT! She's had several job offers already but was holding out for the one she wanted, in the town she wanted (where she'll be attending school in the fall) and landed it today. The double good news is that she'll be able to work this summer and start the nursing program in the fall with a client base already established. And she put purple peek-a-boos in her hair. Cute and happy. Winning combo!


The other big news is that Miss. R. will be graduating in 14 days from a B.A. program. The announcements have been sent and last class attended. Yes.

School this week included lots of math. Feeche is over a hump (woot!) and finally cruising again. Another chapter down in Math and Human Anatomy. Mock trial is in full swing, copy writing is finishing up, and Latin is going strong. I checked his 2nd story for Creative Writing (one of the classes I teach to a group) and was impressed with the complexity. Now he just needs to nail the basics. Cub and Flower  worked hard on Math and Writing this week. Flower memorized another poem, and both did a lot of drawing. Latin and Greek are almost redundant and Cub is bummed that Greek is over in a week. Flower did lots of R&S Grammar. She and Cub have been reading lots of Jean Craighead George and Marguerite Henry. Love that.

We are about 50 pgs from the end of History of the Medieval World. It's been a great 600+ page read. The strength of the book is that it's a great general timeline of the Medieval world. SWB (Susan Wise Bauer) does a great job tying in what's going on throughout the world, so it's not just a cruise through Europe. Love that. And it really helped that the kids were so familiar with The Story of the World before we began. The focus of SWB's thesis is who holds power and how was it legitimized. Because of that it can be a bit depressing reading chapter after chapter of political maneuvering, cheating, stealing, mauling, killing and murdering. Holy Mackerel, it's rampant in history. SWB writes with her usual wit and tongue in cheek charm. We've loved it and will love moving on to lighter fare when we are done.

It's gardening season. Meaning the weeds are up and taking over the yard. Spinach and lettuce are up and the seedlings on the porch are thriving. We have planted and planted and planted out here, killed weeds, put in trees, mulched, composted, babied everything, pruned, buzzsawed and it still looks like Wild America. When I commented on the fact to KB the other day she incredulously demanded, "Don't you remember what it looked like when we moved out here?!" I don't think I do. It's been a busy decade.

I love not being sick. One of life's simple pleasure's. Felt so good today I went on a walk with the kids. Feeche and Cub jogged and every 40 yards or so Feeche had Cub do sit ups, challenge push-ups (3:1), jumping jacks etc. The folks going home on our road  had a good laugh at our expense. We are always happy to provide amusement for others. It's what we do.

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How was your week?


Amy @ Hope Is the Word said...

Congratulations on two dds graduating! I think getting a cosmetology license before going on in school is a smart move! Your dd is beautiful.

Sounds like a good week!

3MonkeysMama said...

You must be one proud mama. What a happy time.

Mary said...

Congrats to KB and Miss R. What a smart way for KB to work through college!! Awesome!!!

My name is Tiffany said...

Congrats to your daugthers its great. I too worked at a salon all through college. I have heard great things about the other books written by SWB.

Redradtech said...

Very proud of your girls!!!!!