Friday, December 14, 2012

School & "Stuff"

School- that's what we're home for, right? We seem to have end-of-semester inflicted can't-get-it-going-on. We did manage to get through math, German and science every day, some history and Cub actually got his paper for The Charge of the Light Brigade finished (WWS week 34). One research paper to go and our little class is done with the book. Booyah, baby.

I got involved in discussions about Getting Things Done and ended up reading The Art of Non-Conformity, The Happiness Project and part of GTD this week (GTD was the last one I got ahold of). Lots of food for thought- I'll be posting separately about it later.

As a result of the GTD think-fest, I spent an hour in the study sorting,clearing and throwing. I now have a HUGE pile of books, curriculum, clothes, and stuff to get rid of- literally boxes full - some new. If you are interested in coming over, going through it all and making a donation, I accept!

We also hung the mirror (finally!) and an awesome tile picture in the downstairs basement, along with organizing the paints/stains and poly in the workroom.
DIY Paper Floor
Photo from An Oregon Cottage

I found this great tutorial on paper bag flooring over at an Oregon Cottage, (isn't it fab?!) and I'm trying to talk Feeche into this little project for the basement floor over Christmas break. He is actively looking for employment instead (for some reason I'm getting the ideas that he doesn't want to do this project with me. So, he'll be displaced, worked like a minion and have to do all of the on-your-knee-work. What's the prob, son?). I know, trade labor for books/curriculum. Anyone? C'mon, you know you want to!

Christmas book selections this week included The Best Christmas Pageant Ever and Louisa May Alcott's Christmas Treasury. Cub bailed after the second Alcott short story, declaring that it was way too cheesy. He sequestered himself in the basement to read The Kingdom Series by Chuck Black. Both he and Feeche flew their way through a couple of the books this week and had a great time doing so!

The kids are putting together the Gingerbread house and happily slurping icing off their fingers. Pre-dinner (Yes, I proudly accept the Bad Mom award for letting my kids indulge in a sugar fest right.before.dinner. In my own defense, Dr. Dh is sick with the flu again -or maybe he just never got rid of it?- so our schedule is a bit off) after spending hours outside, reveling in the left-over blizzard snow. We don't call this The Territories for 'nuthin.

How was your week? Are you on Christmas break yet?


Robin McCormack said...

Yes we are on break. I can't go another week so we're done until the new year. I bought the non conformity book for hubby for Christmas and I'm sure I'll read it as well.

Mary said...

I will need to look for the Alcott treasury book. Looks like a good week :)

Anonymous said...

It sounds like a great week!

I have often looked into the paper bag flooring. It looks great but so time intensive. I would love to do it sometime though to see how it would come out.