Friday, October 26, 2012

Toad Hall

Jr. and Sr. High school drawing class. 30 sec to 2 min. quick figure drawing sketch.
drawing from photos that are upside down and drawing their hands without looking. (ala Mona Brooks).
Exercises accompanied by groans and lots and lots of laughs.

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Downton Abby quotes
Finished Season 2 of Downton Abby. I'm in a between-the-wars phase this year with Howatch (The Rich are Different/Sins of the Fathers), Sayers (Lord Peter Wimsey) and now this. Very interesting to me to see the skirts shorten, the attitudes change. Mr. Bates must, of course, get off from the very unjust sentence at the end of the 2nd season. Not that he couldn't have done it, but we like him to much (and Anna more) to see him in prison for life. I say Old Chap, if only Lord Crawley could enlist the service of Lord Wimsey.
damn straight

Started this scarf and ran into a snag. Pulled it out. Re-knit. More snags. Pulled it out. Checked out some YouTubes. Re-knit. Pulled it out. Got some on-line advice from fellow Hivers. Knit. Pulled out. Does anyone see a pattern here? Too bad it's not the one I was trying to knit!
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Just set this up in the shop to put my gardening stuff on...Didn't have to do anything to it! :)
Put this up in garage. This is the pin, not our garage or our pallet, BUT, it does work. Like a charm.

It snowed last night and was cold today. The good news is that the ground is wet after months of dry bones, baby. But still, winter. Bleah.
Our gym is an extension of the local nursing home. Which means it's like 75degrees in there and that you actually might run into an octogenarian on a bike every now and then. I actually thaw out in that room. I foresee spending lots of time there this winter.

School happened along with a Lego League Open House last Saturday and worked a fund raiser with the kids busing tables at a local restaurant on Wednesday evening. Flower had her clay class on Tuesday, Tutoring Center, co-op, Lego League weekly meeting, math, writing, science. All the usual suspects.

Best come-back of the week:
Best come-back of the week!
More laughs here.


Silver Moon said...

Time for a whole new scarf pattern aye? Projects like that make me want to put the needles and every scrap of yarn out of sight for a week. O_o

LOVE the swag picture!

Ana Braga-Henebry said...

Maria is enjoying your art class! Thanks!