Saturday, June 2, 2012

Drama Camp 21012

It's been another week of rehearsals, fun, picnics at the park and utter exhaustion. And it's all over this afternoon when the kids pour thier heart out on-stage.

The 3 Little Elephants is the play I directed. Lots of laughs, ball bouncing and, of course, drama.

Flower is a gum chomping, over the top beach goer.


Here is where the photos of Cub's play should go. Hopefully, I'll get some photos today!

The high school musical. 2 weeks of singing and dancing.


Diane said...

We also have a drama camp this upcoming week with final rehearsals for The Jungle Book. We are a huge drama/theatre loving family.

Patricia Purcell said...

My two older children are part of a homeschool drama group that runs during the school year. They love it, and it's been so great for their confidence!