Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Doin' the Aussie




Feeche spent the middle of last week in Georgia participating in Challenge Staff Training with the Timothy Group. He was thrilled to be offered a staff position and can't wait to go back in October. If you are looking for a true-blue challenge for your Man2B you should really consider some of the training the Timothy Group is doing. Bruce Stansbury, President,  is a former A.F. Ranger Trainer, a man of vision and a personal friend. I can't recommend this program highly enough!

Timothy Group

Mission Statement:

The Timothy Group is a faith based non profit organization. We combine specific armed forces training with Biblical teaching to forge an elite warrior for Christ. The Timothy Group graduate values human life at home and abroad and is willing to be a living sacrifice so that others may live to know their Creator.


mommygirl @ HCA said...

That looks quite challenging, and yet fun too! My little man thinks he'd like to try it, but later down the road. ;o) The Timothy Group seems like a wonderful program.

Teaching Stars said...

Wow! You must be very proud! Congratulations!

Lizzie said...

Wow, what a great opportunity!