Monday, June 13, 2011

Nature Study Up Close and Personal

KB and I came across a mature badger yesterday on our walk. He calmly looked at us before lumbering off into the long grass but didn't go too far before he turned and watched us, watching him.

Flower came within 4' of a mature groundhog this week-end. They stopped to consider each other, she came inside to get me and he was still there when we went back out again.

KB spotted a Bald Eagle on the way home from work last Saturday, grandly perched on a telephone pole.

Cub was confronted by a Momma red squirrel in one of his favorite climbing trees today. She told him off but good. My guess is that she is guarding some babies. We don't see a lot of squirrels on our acreage (too many predators perhaps?).

We finally saw the huge old reptilian snapper on a walk last week. Again, Flower was within feet of it. These babies are mean and could easily take a finger off.

All of this in addition to our Micro Snapper and Baby Coons and the various frogs, skinks, toads, and garter snakes we run into daily,. We have had a great time looking our friendly wildlife up on line! For the week I'm going to have the kids draw a picture of each critter with a short paragraph about their lifestyle and habitat. Summer school rocks.

(none of the photos are ours, sadly. They are copyright free).

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