Sunday, June 26, 2011

What My Hands Would Tell You

My hands can tell you why my blogging has been sporadic of late. You will find on them dirt, splinters, dry wall mud, paint and fruit stains I have washed them but I think it's going to take a loofah to get them truly clean.
I've been gardening.
Still trying to re-claim the garden beds from their sore neglect last year. The veggie patch is looking great. We are still eating and giving away tons of lettuce and spinach with parsley and basil making more frequent appearances. The bush beans and potato's and peppers are beginning to flower, the cabbages are starting to form heads and the beets are getting bigger underground.
I've been mudding.
One bedroom is ready for texturing and by the end of this week a couple more will be too. Feeche will be gone all week and I will miss his super speedy sanding.
I've been painting.
KB and painted the huge new closet in what will be Flower's bedroom. Then we moved the wood trim into it so that we can keep mudding in the southwest bedroom. KB also re-painted the buffet while I went over MacBeth with Feeche one last time. Drama Camp begins tomorrow. It's an hour away so he'll be staying with good friends of ours and he is looking forward to drama, good friends and a week away from Dr. Dave's Work Camp.
I've been feeding my family berries.
We are coming to the end of our strawberries and have enjoyed almost daily fruit smoothies, strawberry syrup with just enough left over to make strawberry/rhubarb jam. Today the kids hauled the ladder out to the mulberry trees and picked a pail full. They are a somewhat bland fruit but the kids love, love, love picking a handful of summer goodness as they play around the fields.

What would your hands say?

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