Saturday, June 18, 2011


 This is my newest flower bed. I had this quick and easy idea last year to move some daisies but Viking Man got involved and it ended up involving spades, tape measures, RR ties and more hours than I'd figured. As a result we have this lovely little side bed next to the driveway. Daisies were my Mom's favorite flower and we had them planted at every house we ever lived and it was the flower my Dad always gave her.  Did you know that the scientific moniker for the common daisy has 29 synonyms?

This is one of our long veggie beds. It is chock full of green. Cukes, green and purple cabbages, beets, beans, carrots, potatoes, and eggplant, which my friends Ana and Mary assure me we'll love and finally zucchini at the very end (so far at the end they are out of the bed!

Our 3 long veggie/berry beds along with our grapes (see the old clothes line posts? That's them- there's also more around the fence of the chicken shed). 

This long bed has spinach, lettuce mix, celery, then basil, parsley, cilantro, tomatoes, then a variety of peppers then Brussels sprouts and broccoli, then tomatoes and winter squash and then more tomatoes and wild flowers. Cub spilled a pack of tomatoes and we had about 30 volunteers spring up all interspersed with the beans and beets so we've been transplanting. The 3rd long bed has strawberries and then parsley and carrots.
I have pumpkin and Indian Corn (thanks, Grandpa!) in the shed that we burned down area, along with Canna's and then acorn squash, more toms and a "Hansel & Gretal" mini eggplants in the front flower beds.

Cabbage is beautiful. And did you know that it is a cancer killer? 

Today we harvested more strawberries, lettuce and spinach as well as chamomile, basil and parsley. I've been drying the chamomile  for tea, and tomorrow we'll have our first serving of fresh pesto. Yum!!


Lillian said...

My goodness I didn't realize you had so much land. Your gardens are beautiful.

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Your garden is beautiful! I love the new daisy bed!

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This is so cool! I love gardening, I'm so jealous! Following from the Monday Mom blog hop :).

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now that is a garden!! wowow!

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FABULOUS Gardens!!!

Love your blog!
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