Friday, May 13, 2011

A Day Late-Blogger's Bad


Barn Dwellers. 2 sets of Coons and kits. We are surrounded by the wild and wooly.

Good reads. Cub has discovered the King Raven series. Delicious words by a story teller who dishes it up hot. As a result Flower has wanted to read the younger versions of Robin Hood. Happy to oblige. I read Zebra and Other Stories by Potok. Disturbing scenes from troubled youth. Not sure why I would hand this to a young adult.  Potok does much better with the tragic aftermath of WWII.

Summer school is in session: typing, cursive, grammar, math facts, Teaching Company Shakespeare, Chem and Super Star Student, bike riding, daily walks, gardening. Well, we would garden if spring would actually stay. It was cold and wet today with snow forecasted for tonight. Blech!

Feeche is now the proud holder of a restricted driver's permit. Being a passenger while my kids learn to drive is not one of my favorite things. My mantra will be, "Be still and know that I am God." My strategy will be to pawn this off on my husband.

Farmer's market this morning (Saturday). Temps in the 40's -obscene! The flowers and bread were gorgeous. Next week I'll be taking my camera along.



It's UP! Sporting breakfast and dinner menus for the week, most of which is made and in the freezer. Bon Appetite!


Jannell said...

Catching up. I must agree on the driving. I rarely ride with L. Husband must take her for the test. With number four and my age, I am pretty done with the driving and stress thing.

Hen Jen said...

I find racoons so fascinating. We had some in our neighborhood when we first moved here, but they seem to be gone now..kind of wish they'd come back, the squirrel population has gotten a bit out of control. I keep thinking I should read Rascal to my younger kids, I remember being so into that book when I was their age.

My oldest just got her driving permit, so far I haven't gone out with her, but I know it's coming! I think dad is less excitable than I!