Saturday, March 1, 2014

What's Up

AMAZING felt bat-  felting by creturfetur!
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We are back into a good groove with lots of CD's, DVD's and on-line programs in addition to the normally scheduled books and workbooks. Favorites of the week included Roman Roads Media DVD's on the Classics, along with reading The Iliad. Absolutely superb. And Spelling U See by the good folks who brought you Math U See. Seriously effective spelling program for the spelling challenged. The kids finished Apologia's Flying Creatures Mp3. Lots of flying creatures love-speak going on. And yes, I'm standing firm on the no bat pets standard I set a couple of weeks ago. That being said, we might just make us some felt flyers. Isn't that one above amazing?

Tons of reviews coming up in the weeks and months ahead. I'm really excited about several new products that we've been testing that will run the gamut from Astronomy, foreign language, study skills and so much more.  And yes, we have 2 confirmed winners for the Learn Math Fast review and give-away. You can use the code "golden" through June to receive $5 off your LMF order.

We are still doing the gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, corn, soy and tomato free diet- mostly. It has its challenging moments. My friend Steph has some amazing pages with tons of health info on them if you are tackling health this year. It's a great place to get started, so go check them out.

If you are trying to eat well, feed a family and stick within a budget I have two words for you: Bountiful Baskets.
Seriously great food for a decent price. Last week we feasted on Bok Choy and Mangos. This week it'll be cauliflower and broccoli, along with jicama and grapefruit. Not bad for sub-zero temps and more snow.
And speaking of health, don't forget to have your cuppa Organo Gold every day.
 And your daily dose for marital health.
I am finally finishing a book I started over a month ago: Taliesin by Lawhead. Feeche and I agree that Lawhead starts slow, sometimes painfully so, but it's always worth the front end load. I'm reading this one because Cub loved the series. For the Medieval lovers- this one's all about Merlin.
Speaking of reading....
I'm going to be participating in Poppins Book Nook this year- this is a virtual themed book club that will include some amazing give-aways, a great look at terrific books for kids K-12th by a whole bunch of bloggers. We'll post the first Monday of every month. I'll be posting lots more info on this great resource soon, so stay tuned.
It's just plain challenging getting everything done in a day or a week. The above needs about 4 - or 40?- angles on it to reflect most of our lives. We've entered a new season and it's really been great on some levels and challenging on others. Time wise- I'm at my limit. Which would explain the gaps in posts lately. My goal is to get back to more regular posts, Wordless Wednesdays, Weekly Reports and great reviews. Hope you stick around while I hone my juggling skills.
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