Thursday, March 13, 2014

Virtual Field Trips Resource List

The world is at your fingertips- it's just a click away. Need some inspiration for spring doldrums? Sneak in a couple of virtual field trips:

Virtual Field Trips
Internet Classrooms
Virtual Tours

You can learn more about virtual field trips with these links to field trips:
  • John Muir Exhibit This exhibit by the Sierra Club offers the concise story of Muir's life, writings, and works. It includes sounds, video, and text.
  • Secrets of Easter Island This is a beautiful Web site put together by Nova and PBS. It includes a tour of the island and the game Move a Megalith.
  • Virtual Geologic Field Trip to Griffith Park If you're interested in geology and earthquakes, take a look at this site. It was developed for use on its own or as an introduction to an actual field trip to Griffith Park in Los Angeles.
  • Explore the Estuary If your students are studying the tides, ocean, or water dwellers, this is an excellent site. It includes video tours.
  • The JASON Project This many-faceted site hopes to "put the thrill of discovery back into the classroom." It offers several different trips, including one that follows a crew living aboard the space station.
  • Reach the World Sail around the world on a 43-foot sailboat, and meet the crew who did it. You'll find separate centers for teachers and students.
  • This site chronicles the dogsledding expeditions made especially to educate the children of the world.
  • GOALS: Global Online Adventure Learning Educators developed this Web site to "intrigue you with the adventures, the sciences, the technologies and the underlying laws of nature that make them possible."
  • Virtual Field Trips If you're looking for a museum trip, here's a list of several available on the Web.
  • Virtual Field Trips Here's another site where you can create your own field trip or try out other teachers' efforts.
Plan a Virtual Field Trip
These websites are a great start to bringing the rest of the world into your classroom.
Two Way Interactive Connections in Education: Video Samples

TechTrakers- travel around the world

10 of the Best Virtual Field Trips

Field Trips and Exhibits for Middle Schoolers

I'd love to hear if you incorporate virtual field trips into your homeschooling!

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