Friday, March 28, 2014

Critter Fest Report

I have always held hands with my kids-even as they get older and even my boys. It is one of those sweet little connections that say, I am sure of you, I have you, you are mine.  Today as Flower and I were going in to our little local grocery, I wiggled my hands at her, like I've done since she was barely toddling, and she caught up with me and held my hand walking in. We stopped in the foyer and looked at Easter thingamajigs. A gal, not much younger than me, walked up to us and said how sweet it was to see us holding hands, Momma and Girlie, how seeing us walk together like that blessed her.  And then she said, catching her breath and looking away, "I really miss my Mom."
School this week consisted of math- Cub is at the point in Applications of Algebra where it's very helpful to have Dad around to check problem set up. I'm great at working Algebra but kind of short out on the set-up. The More Perplexors are just that- MORE difficult. Spelling cruises along with Spelling You See and IEW's Spelling and Vocab. History of the Medieval History on CD, and Flower is about done with her American History for the year, too. Cub is on the last chapter of Biology- we are at that point in the year of finishing up some stuff. Love that.
Tons of reading this week as we read Around the World in 80 Days by Jules Verne- which is incredibly entertaining from the vocabulary point of view alone. Master wordsmith, that Verne. Flower fed her King and I obsession by cruising through Ana and the King. A bittersweet story of a woman and a forward thinking King who brought emancipation and education to their world.
In other Musical news we did watch Frozen- not once, but twice. Short on plot, but strong on song.

We are still totally, completely, enthralled with The Greeks by Roman Roads Media. If you are even remotely interested in classical education, ancient history, a superior understanding of a culture that formed our own or learning from one of the best in their field, you must get this series. It is, hands down, superb.


Samples of the sweet little thumbprint animals, people and pictures, Flower has been designing. Aren't they adorable?
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Dolphin sighting, way out here in the Territories.

How was your week? 

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