Saturday, March 8, 2014

Regularly Scheduled Programming

After a bumpy fall we are back to our Regularly Scheduled Programming. This includes math first thing, perplexors, read-alouds and map work, spelling and then in the afternoon CD's, DVD's, Mp3's and computer work. The kids have an extensive, detailed list of school work tbd, and work through it each day. And they read, 'cause that's a given. .
This year our terrific Tutoring Center, paid teachers, homework assigned, academic classes, took a breather, so our 2-day a week out of pocket is down to one for co-op, which takes place on Friday. Co-op includes Music, Art, Phys. Ed and a unit study. Cub's unit study is writing and Flower's is Geography. Cub's has done some terrific writing programs in Tutoring Center, so it is review for him. Flower is taking Mapping the World with Art, taught by Feeche. They draw maps and get an earful of historical detail from map/history lover Big Bro. He loves teaching and is a natural; the program is detailed and great for visual or spatial learners, and of course, fundamental art.
Our big wins spring:
The kids have had a blast listening to Wes Callihan of Roman Roads Media talk Greek. This series is fantastic and every lesson is followed by cries of, "Just one more!" History, Literature, vocabulary, language studies, maps, mythology. Wes is a master teacher, and a fascinating story teller. You want this series! Cub is reading The Illiad and Flower is tackling The Trojan War per Mr. Callihan's instructions.
Math- Flower is deep into Saxon 7/6 and cruising through. Almost done with Perplexors D and mourning the end of the series. Cub is still very, very happy with Learn Math Fast - Applications of Algebra. Mental Math- boring presentation but excellent content.
Spelling You See- we are loving this program. Flower's spelling has improved dramatically in just weeks. Why? Stay tuned for my upcoming review! Cub is tackling IEW's Advanced Spelling and Vocabulary- focusing on the Theology CD to being with.
Memoria Press' Famous Men of Modern Ages- we are almost done and that will complete the series. We've loved every minute of it.
Memoria Press Geography II- Sub-Sahara Africa, in detail. A map a day.
Veritas Press Bible Cards - The first 32 are almost down cold.
History of the Medieval World is regular daily listening. Love the accent. Love the history.
Mango languages and Rosetta Stone- Cub is tackling Norwegian and Flower Russian with Mango and, of course, German with RS. Both good, but quite different.
Cub has joined the local homeschool high school ballroom dancing cohort twice a month.Good, clean fun.

We have some great reviews coming up: Egglo, Mango Languages, Curiosity Quest, Lila Rose, Spelling You See, College Books, Roman Roads Media so stay tuned for more in-depth info on some of the great programs we're using this year.
Guest Post :Marriage: The Problem…
Dr. Dh continues to blog over at on Marriage: 
Took in the Lego Movie this week. The kids laughed out loud and quoted from it all afternoon. I froze through the whole  thing (seriously, Movie Theater people- a little heat, please!) and actually dozed on and off throughout. The last movie I slept through in the theater was Chariots of Fire, a movie I went on to love, but I don't think the amour will take with this one. Yes, the lampooning was great, and I cheered when the Millennium Falcon met it's just reward, but there were so many recognizable influencers, I had a hard time following this story.
Son of God looks interesting, despite mixed reviews; very mixed reviews. Is is reasonable to demand complete historical accuracy from Media presentations of the Bible? Frankly, I'm just happy that there are some decent choices to make at the theater. And, while I'd like them to get it right, I honestly don't expect it. So, teach your kids the Bible. Know it yourself. Dig for spiritual truths and the historical accuracy- in the Bible, that is. I doubt you'll find it at the theater, and if you do, count it as a bonus.  Be a critical consumer and discuss what you consume with your kids. Talk with them about what was done well, what was done poorly, and what was pure fantasy. This means having the ability to distinguish between fantasy and reality yourself. And realize that entertainment isn't Truth and might not be a great evangelistic tool.
Worked out regularly all week. This might seem like a funny thing to add to my list of accomplishments for the week, but it's not as trivial as it sounds. A) I don't have access to a car (i.e. the gym) every day since I fused the engine of our beater car and Dr. Dh and Feeche leave with regularity, often going in different directions. B) I am so busy the minutes of my day have been screaming for mercy C) My knee refuses to cooperate on anything but the elliptical. In our small, small town gym, there are two coveted elliptical machines. A couple of times I had to content myself with just lifting weights because the ellipticals were in use.

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Mary said...

I love your line up - I am very intrigued by the Roman Roads stuff!

We loved the Lego movie too- that song was stuck in my head for DAYS!

Tonia said...

Sounds like you had a good week. My husband took my daughter and a bunch of other kids to see the Lego movie (I got to stay home in a nice quiet house - yay!).

What age/grades are the Greek books for? I'm planning ancients for 5th grade right now (like I need to add any more books to my ever-growing list!).