Monday, July 22, 2013

Middle School Plans - Logic Smogic Stage!

I guess it's time I started thinking about what we're doing for fall. We are still pretty immersed in what we are doing for summer 'round here. Namely, painting our huge old barn of a house, sorting, purging, finishing up projects and getting ready to sell. Oy vey. We need to have at least a garage sale or two and clean out a couple of out buildings. Summer is always when it is absolutely delightful out here and the thought of moving on is seasons and all of that. And fall will certainly be one. We'll only have 2 students in our little homeschool on the prairie. Weird enough. I haven't had only 2 students for over 18 years. Should be a breeze, right? Of course right! 
Here's what I'm thinking so far.
Cub's 8th grade plans
Math: Finish Saxon Alg 1/2, cont with Learn Math Fast. Grid Perplexors, continue with Java and Android Programming
Latin: finish First Form Latin/ Start 2nd Form Latin; Cont. RS German
Writing: MP's Grammar,  IEW high school Spelling and Vocab, IEW theme book probably - or Writing With Skill II, Grammar of Poetryy (Matt Whitling's course (reviewed here) all dressed up with a video to go with- I'll be re-reviewing this, too, so stay tuned!)
ScienceHigh School Biology
History: Dorothy Mills History, MP Geography II, Old Western Culture from Roman Roads Media -I'll be re-viewing this soon- it looks GREAT!). 
Bible:  MP Christian Studies IV, personal devotions
Logic: Traditional Logic MP 
Memory Work: a combo of stuff from curriculum, etc. 
Drama and Shakespeare Camp

Flower's 6th Grade Plans
Math: Finish Saxon 7/6, move on to Alg 1/2 (this is my mathy child) Grid Perplexors, Fallacy Detective
Latin: Latina Christian I and II or First Form, Rosetta Stone German
Writing: IEW theme book, MP's grammar, Mary Daly's Complete book of Diagrams, Spelling of some sort.Grammar of Poetry
Science:  Continue reading through the Tiner series.
History: Notgrass American History (reviewing this soon- good stuff!), SOTW 1-4 CD's
Bible: MP's Christian Studies IV
Memory Work: a combo of stuff from curriculum, etc. 
Drama Camp

As always we'll have a read-aloud going, along with plenty of personal reading. These days we are randomly reading through our library. We lost hundreds of books in our fire, and just purged several hundred more. What's left are the hard to find and the totally loved that we-can't-bear-to-part-with. Cub and Flower are alternatively choosing what we read, with a Mom pick thrown in every now and then.

Not sure what we are doing this fall as far as any co-op or class day involvement. Waiting to see what happens with the house and where we end up  in the fall.

What's up with your fall planning for Middle School? Did you find something great? Hop on over to Teach Them Diligently and link up or find more great ideas! 


Jannell said...

New header pictures. Nice!

Susan said...

Looks like we have some similarities in our 8th grade plans. Looking forward to you upcoming reviews. ;)

Mary said...

Great lineup - I look forward to reading your wrap ups!

Unknown said...

These all look like really good solid choices. We just finished 8th grade and now moving into our first year of high school. Can you say scary?

Tonia said...

Looks like it will be a good year- I'll look forward to watching your progress since my daughter will be starting 5th grade in another year.

Yvana said...

I seriously considering switching over to Saxon math for fourth grade math. We are currently using Singapore. I notice that you use Saxon, can you tell me what you think about the fourth grade curriculum (assuming you used it then too.) Thanks!

Unknown said...

We aren't to middle school age yet, but I am glad to have so many blogging friends with great lists for the future!

Jubilee Reviews said...

I have 5 in school again this year, and have started working on our lineup as well. Finding some really neat things for my chef loving 6th grader for science!

Michele said...

Just two! Wow, what will you do with all your free time? haha Looks like you have a great year planned, many blessings!

Lisa Boyle said...

Wow! What an impressive plan for both of your children! Can't wait to hear all about the details. :-) said...

Yvana- I did use Saxon 4 with my now 18yo- he loved it and breezed through it. dd10 started Saxon again last fall in 6/5- she is almost done and then moving on 7/6. dd13 hated Saxon and has loved Learn Math Fast- it's more of a get er' done with out tons of review- which fits his style better. He's not so frustrated with all of the print on the page like he was with Saxon.
Ya'll are too kind. Can't wait to read your reviews, too! said...

Jannell- finally got around to learning Pic Monkey a little bit- now if I could just get the right pixel size for this header, I'd be in good shape!

Nicole said...

We are loving that Notgrass curriculum, too! Enjoy your year with only two, lol! Thank you for linking up with me!

Amy Maze said...

LOVE reading what resources other people are using. Thanks for sharing!

Nicole said...

Can't wait to see the Notgrass review. We are really enjoying it over here, too! And IEW has now become a staple for us. Thanks for linking up to my post!

Unknown said...

Yeah! I've been looking for a Non-CC Classical Logic Stage blgo to follow wiht my rising 5th grader! (Nothing against CC, some of my best friends are directors! Just not for us ;D) Blessings, K @ Aspired living