Saturday, November 9, 2013

A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That


 Snow storm this week- just over 6 inches. Enough to warrant buildng a snow man, putting on socks and moving the plants in off the porch. The real fun begins on Tuesday with a forecast of 9 degrees.

picture this

 Why, you ask, do I obsess about the weather. Because my inner Carri bean-dweller is continually appalled to find herself living in the far north. Just think the oppressed Muppet's, working for Scrooge, "This is my island in the sun; Oy! Oy!"

Math. Have I raved about Learn Math Fast lately?  It's one of the hidden gems of the homeschooling math world. If you can't find a math program that works, or your kid hates math, check it out!

We are caught up on Downton Abbey. Season 4 explored lots of issues related to s*xual morays. Very interesting to respond to the kids questions about why charges weren't just pressed against the rapist and would anyone really be that offended  by a child out of wed-lock. It surprised me how much the kids took certain justice/moral/social issues as givens and how they had a hard time wrapping their brains around historical realities/ laws/morays.
Friday geography class is always a blast. We made peacock thumb print cards this week as the Peacock is the National Bird of India.
Flower made a gluten/sugar/dairy free apple pie this week that was a unanimous winner. Almond flour crust with coconut oil and honey and fresh picked tart Territories apples. Perfection on a plate. I'd show you a picture but we live with teen males. There was nothing left. No crumbs. Nothing.
You're going to see a flurry of reviews this month, along with some great give-aways.Check out the last couple:
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Coming up (some as soon as tomorrow!): Revolution Prep, French Essentials, Weeding Out the Wheat, The Force, At Home in Dughill Flats, Simply Put Economics, Torah Study.
Stay tuned for some guest bloggers as well. I'm super excited about my new post series: Nitty Gritty, running the gamut from food, health, homeschooling, and more. If you'd like to guest post for the series, shoot me an email or catch up with me on FB:

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