Sunday, November 3, 2013

Stories of the Pilgrims Review and Audio Book Give-Away

We recently had the very good fortune of listening to The Story of the Pilgrims, read by Jim Hodges, media artist. You know that we  love literature around here, that I try to cram as much educational opportunity out of everything I can that anything audio wins major points from me. This MP3 download combines it all; audio memory, history, literature, and performance. Seriously now, my kids can't be the only ones that narrate back what they've listened to, right?

Jim Hodges makes this story come to life.  Stories of the Pilgrims Free MP3 Download of Chapter 1
And what a terrific story it is. 4 hours and 10 minutes of it, over the course of 43 chapters. Beginning with Queen Anne's visit to Scrooby Inn and ending with Colonial Schools and Holy Days, this story will keep you engaged and hoping for more. I assigned this to my 10 and 13 year old. They are long time lovers of books on tape so they were all for it.  Once they'd listened to a chapter or two they were hooked. My problem wasn't getting them to listen to this compelling story rendered by a master story-teller; it was getting them to focus on other things! Along the way, they drug the 19 year old into listening with them. He's incredibly busy but loves a good story as much as anyone!

In the midst of listening to the book, our hard drive crashed (thank-you, Lord, for warranties!) and we lost our down-load link. My kids were not happy, nosiree, Bob. They hounded me to get the link working again as soon as possible and were greatly relieved when they could once again listen to
The Story of the Pilgrims.

In addition to the recording, there is a study guide, written by Margaret Pumphries.  The guide is impressive and includes vocabulary, questions, map work, research topics and activities. The activities are varied and interesting; cooking, map-work, art, compare and contrast, Venn diagramming, Internet links, You Tubes and more! The study guide is terrific and can be used either as a supplemental tool or to make this a complete unit study; either way, it is a steal at $5.

And becuase I'm naturally nosy a natural born researcher, I loved reading Jim Hodges FAQ page at his web-site. A fun look at how he got into reading books for a living. And ever wonder about the wisdom of counting audio books as school-work? Why audio books?

Starting November 1, Stories of the Pilgrims will be on SALE for only $15! Buy it here. The study guide is available for $5. And even more exciting is this opportunity for you to win not only Stories of the Pilgrims, but 400 hours worth of down-loadable audio books!

 Click here for a complete list of the titles included.

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