Saturday, November 2, 2013

Crazy Busy Blustery Week

 The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt has, of late, "gone crazy," specifically attacking churches. The response to the violence against burned churches has also been remarkable. Christians posted signs on their burned-out churches that read: "You burned our church, but we love you."
"So it's a great message of forgiveness," David says. "This makes many Muslims discover the reality of Christianity, and many of them come to know Jesus. ...
PictureSchool this week. I am more in love with Learn Math Fast Algebra everyday.
 It rocks. It works.
Lots of on-line work: Vocabulary/ Spelling City, French, IXL, and Rosie's.
We started Nancy Pearcy's Saving Leonardo.   The sub-title says it all: A Call to Resist the Secular Assault on Mind, Morals, and Meaning.

Biology, PreScripts and our newest math find: Logic Links.
Free reading (comic books are still weighing in heavily here), along with generous servings of Downton Abbey. O.k., o.k., it's not really school. But the kids and I have had a great time snuggling on the couch together and it's sparked tons of questions about history. Cub has about had it though since they killed off 2 of his fav characters.
*3-Fun Stuff*
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Speaking of FB- if you haven't liked Peace Hill Press you are missing out on your daily dose of laugh therapy. Good clean fun.

TOS is offering Welcome Baskets with over 15 free goodies for new homeschoolers!
Speaking of TOS, have you considered becoming part of the Crew?
It's been review world 'round here with lots more to come including some more amazing give-aways! You are going to want to stick around because there will be books and audio downloads and gift certificates- all ready and waiting for you to win! Not to mention some more awesome reviews.
Rosie's Doll Clothes Patterns- TOS Review ;
Vocabulary Spelling City -TOS Review;
Bridgeway Academy- Marine Biology- TOS Review ;
God's World News:Trak- TOS Review
Diary of a Real Payne Book 1: True Story.- TOS Rev...
So much great stuff!
And in case you're saying you never win anything here is my win of the week story (and the only thing I've ever won before is a years worth of baby wipes). This week I won a Kindle, thanks to Jim Erskine and Amy's Bow of Bronze Product Launch Team. Charlie Brown is already down-loaded- go figure- and Cub's inner techno-head is in heaven. So, make sure you sign up for the up-coming give-aways- you might find your life a little richer.
The kids have been busy making stuff this week and my house shows it.
Cub made a suit of armor, shield and sword. More pics here.
*7  In Memoriam*
Our homeschooling community said good-bye to one of our "Dads" this week- the second in a year and a half. Both of them Godly, kind men who lived their faith, loved their families and did their work with integrity and fairness.
Our lives are richer for having known them and we rest in the assurance that we will see them again.

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