Saturday, November 30, 2013

Social Media Sophistication

Lisa Nielsen at The Innovative Educator nails it once again. She states that we are crippling our students by NOT teaching them social media. I'd have to agree. I recently applied for a job that required me to research, critique, assess and analyze, create a PowerPoint presentation of my findings, create a movie of the PowerPoint and submit it via a media drop box. While do-able, it was stressful under time pressure.  Throw in living in the outback computer speed, homeschooling, several other obligations both paid and volunteer and it was an interesting week, to say the least.

Otoh, we are quite aware of some of the concerns surrounding social media. Our son's firewall was hacked, graphic porn popped up and his history reflected that he'd been searching porn sites for awhile (which he hadn't). Dr. Dh's geek contacts assured us that porn hackers target those who look Christian in their media habits (the Christian post is ds' main page- so, he was hacked by porn perps specifically because of his conservative media habits. Nice, right?).

Like so many things, it's a delicate balance between sheltering and sophistication. How do you handle social media in your home? (click graphic to make larger).


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