Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lord Peter Wimsey

I have fallen in literary love. Again. Of course, I've been familiar with the work of Dorothy Sayers. She is a strong advocate for Classical Education, having written, The Lost Tools of Learning. In fact, I've have a small collection of her books, having scored a handful at a garage sale for a quarter or two. But I hadn't gotten around to actually reading any of them. Till this week. I was perusing the book shelves and grabbed Strong Poison. It was delightful. Difficult to read because it's an older print run and the type is small, the margins almost non-existant and the pages yellowed. Despite all of that, it was a delightful read. So much so that I followed it up with Unnatural Death.

Sayers is  a master story-teller. The mysteries are well executed and intriguing, the language- totally delightful; the humor- superb, the dialog- brilliant. Did I mention I'm in love? Lord Peter Wimsey is the man. And I love her "in house humor" making comments towards other murder mystery writers of the time, actually naming them in dialog with such witty comments as, "don't go all Jeeves on me!" (From Wooster and Jeeves by Wodehouse).

Unnatural Death
The wonderful thing is that there are more; many more. I'm happy. Cause KB, Feeche and I have a road trip coming up and I plan on letting them drive while I engage in hours of reading.
I might even sneak a peak at some of the YouTube episodes. Fun, fun, fun.
What are you reading?

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