Thursday, February 9, 2012

Everything's Gonna Be Amazing

I am loving our spring schedule. We go to Lego League and our class day on Tuesdays (Wow. Lego League is an amazing program, led by engineer Mrs. I. Tutoring Center is great all the way around). On Friday's we have co-op. (We love co-op. The kids all have music,  art, and a unit study. Feeche is studying the Medieval World with thinker extraordinaire Mary Daly, Cub  is studying geometric math and Flower is doing anatomy. Last week they dissected cow's eyes. I mean, really, how much cooler could a co-op be? And all I have to do is help out with music or art (insert comment about how happy this makes my inner arteest).  I mean, really. )

From Ana's blog- just a sample of the incredible teacher's my kids have. This is from Cub's history class. They are studying India and everyone had to come up with  a rendition of the Taj Mahal.

But it gets better cause on Mondays and Thursdays the boys are taking on-line classes with Landry Academy. Feeche is taking Copy Writing and Pre-Law (pre-law is fantastic!) and Cub is taking Intro to Greek. He loves it- it's like crack the code.
The kids are watching Chem 101 together, and we are reading The History of the World together. It's a good high school level text but geez, louise, it is packed with persons, places and conquest. Along with maps and time lines. Cub actually was able to tell me the name of an unpronounceable Chinese ruler today, based on SOTW CD's. My thought is that we are layering the info. Lasagna schooling, anyone?

On Monday's I have a scheduling meeting with Feeche and go over what's due, what is happening when and just make sure he's not letting himself get behind.
I love Tuesdays. It's cause I get to teach, not 1, not 2, but 3 writing classes. First, my 3rd grade girlies who are eager and sincere and totally adorable. Then my class of high schoolers who are smart and ohsofunny and really cool. I mean, really, they just have awesome ideas and they want to learn how to make them work. It's so great. Then my class of pre and jr. high boys. They are funny and serious and most of them have illegible handwriting but they are awesome. It makes my week. Every week.
I like Friday's, too, 'cause I teach drawing. But it's more work. I have to draw, not just talk. *lol*

The Shakespeare Stealer [Book]

And we've had an on-going read-aloud for weeks. This has totally shot my 52 books in a year so far, but the kids are basically going through the library again. This weeks read is The Shakespeare Stealer. Cub is going through The Roman Mysteries on his own.
Back -to-back birthday parties this week-end. Flower is having a group of girlies spend the nite on Friday and Cub is having a horde on Saturday. Feeche is game master for Saturday, so hopefully, it will be nice and not cold out (o.k., just checked NOAA, it's going to be 19. I'm thinking these are hardy souls, they can stand playing outside for awhile, right?!)  I should be about catatonic by Saturday evening. Happy kids are worth it. Happy kids are worth it. *click*click*click*

Making cake. Cub thinks I can re-create some crazed bionicle in cake form. If I can't, he's happy with a square cake, blue icing, candy top. I'm thinking we'll be seeing a square blue cake on Saturday.

Flower's cake, created by KB

We are also serving up some pink and blue popcorn. I think popcorn might be the official food mascot of our home.
This is unbelievably good. Popcorn,vanilla bark + food coloring. Mix, fridge, yum.
Dh's winter on-line class is ovah. Which means...ta da... he will be working on putting in door frames and doors on the second floor. And soon....even bigger ta da... he will be cutting trim for the baseboard, doors, windows and closets for the second floor. And then...even bigger ta da...we will have real closets. You know, the kind that have rods and shelves in them. The kind that get the clothes and stuff out of site, off the floor and neatly stored. The kind that signal you are a civilized, orderly and conscientious family.  But seriously. I'm totally cool with waiting another year, (if that's what it takes)  for functional closets. I'm mature like that.

I feel like the past week or so I've been able to remember what feeling happy is like. It's odd how grief works and I know it's ebbed and flowed the past couple of years. And last week I got really, really depressed. Over a number of things. Mainly having to do with disappointments, feeling ripped off, hurt and lost. And this week, I don't know, it's like that shadow of depression and hurt/grief is gone. That veil of sadness that has been over me for over two years has been lifted. And I feel, normal, regular, like...I don't everything is o.k. Not just thankful, 'casue I've been thankful. But like, for the first time since the fire, and  Sue's death, and then Dad's death, like everything is going to be o.k. I'm going to be o.k. It is so good to feel connected when I talk to people and a sense of it happiness? joy? normalcy?
There is a scene in the Courageous movie where the Dad is talking about his day (after his dd dies) and he says, "It was a good day." And he's kind of surprised and he says, "We're going to be o.k." And it's like a revelation to him. And that's what this week has been like; everything is o.k. It really is.

And I feel like crying....once again...about how good it feels -that sense of well-being. That sense of everyday, normal, good solid O.K.
It Is Well With My Soul.
(Isaiah 66:12)
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How was your week?


Amy @ Hope Is the Word said...

I love your newsy posts and how excited you still are about homeschooling. And I'm rejoicing with you that the fog has lifted!

LaughingLioness said...

Thanks, Amy ; )

Gillian said...

I so understand that feeling when the fog lifts - I've been feeling my own lift lately and it is wonderful!

What a full and rich week you all had!

Sonshine Classical Academy said...

I really love reading your always crack me up...more than once per post, lol. It's good to know that things get better in the grieving process. I lost my dad this past December unexpectedly and it seems like it will never get better. I'm sorry for your loss, but it's nice to know what it may be like in the future. Thanks for sharing.

LaughingLioness said...

Sonshine- thanks for your kind words! I'm so sorry for your loss. I really found comfort in the books, "A Year of Kaddish" and "A Grief Observed" after my sister and Dad died. Maybe they would bring you peace as well.All the best to you! Lisa

LaughingLioness said...

Gillian- Huzzah for fog lifting! Hope this spring is one of JOY in your life!
Blessings, Lisa