Thursday, February 2, 2012


Tuesday evening I joined a bunch of other homeschooling Moms at an Indian restaurant. Two hours later we closed the restaurant, still laughing and talking and walking out to cars together. Between the time we arrived and the time we left we had a talked about the recent One Act Play Festival many of our kids had been involved in, geography, colleges, older kids, older kid's boyfriends, recipes, our talented friend's Jannell's latest artistic pursuit (she is so talented!), and much more. We'd also passed around dishes, enjoying each other's food and exclaiming over how delicious everything was!

Photos by Ana

Friendships are as nourishing as healthy food. They are beautiful examples of Tiger Moms with heart, and a whole lot of faith. And I get to walk through this season of life with them. It's rare, you know. To find a whole group of like-minded people that have room at the table for one more.
With you'd been there to join us for the laughter, good food and warm fellowship!


Nicole said...

Our Homeschool Co-op MNO has become a very important thing to me. It's so wonderful to have the opportunity to fellowship with women who share the same passions as myself.

LaughingLioness said...

Nicole- I'm so glad you have a group, too! ; )