Saturday, February 25, 2012

Lego League, Good It Is

Under the intrepid leadership of Mrs. I, our First Lego League team, The Organic Republic, survived months of weekly 4 hour practices, learning curves related to programming, team-work, skit writing and more. Their hard work and diligence culminated at the state-wide tourney. A FULL day of fun, competition, noise, and lots of team work!

Getting ready for the 2nd run of the day...
Between runs they passed out origami Yoda's, with popsicles inside, cheered like wild ones and said over and over and over, "Raw Milk, Good it is!"

Setting up, ready, set, "LEGO!"

The robots performing their missions. Our team's runs resulted in better scores each time. WOOT!

The Teamspit stop wall - as well as their T-shirt design. The Organic Republic on the back. Yoda and their slogan on the front.

The team play, presenting a solution to the problem. The judges are questioning them, after their performance.
 (Sadly, I have no pics of the Technical Briefing).

The Award Ceremony. Each participant received a medal for competing.

Our Team's Take-Away:
 The State FLL Programming AWARD!!!

Proud to bursting!!
 Major kudos to Mrs. I, who has a heart of gold and tons of patience!

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