Sunday, January 3, 2010

What do I Have in my Hand?

Years ago I subscribed to a magazine called "Gentle Spirit." I loved that magazine. The purpose of it was to put forth of vision of Godly Womanhood in the Spirit of Titus 2, and it did a great job. Being a keeper of home was put forth as an exciting adventure and worthy of lifetime pursuit. One of the consistent themes throughout was the query, "What do you have in your hand." It's been a transforming question for me for years.
Yesterday at Saturday morning prayer I was seeking an answer about a situation that has had me stuck for a month and a half or more. Actually about a 1/2 a decade. Stuck in others ideals, stuck in what's not happening, resources not available, discouragement, people being disappointed and angry with me. Stuck in the obstacles ahead. Why do I have these longings when it seems like the reality I face has nothing to do with the heart vision?

My answer was this:
What do you have in your hand?

And it's enough. Because I realized I was trying to fulfill others expectations, make them happy, fulfill their vision, keep everybody satisfied. I don't have in my hand what it takes to do those things. I have in my hand what I've been equipped for. And frankly, I'm not the happiness guru.
So, that's what I'm going to do. Simple. Stick to forms. Do what I know. Clarify the vision.

That's how it goes. I can't be more than I am and I can only do what I know.
Back to basics.
New Year. New Beginnings.

What do you have in your hand? How is God calling you to be faithful to what He's equipped you for?
I'd love to hear about it; it's in the sharing of testimonies that our faith is built.

A Blessed Sabbath!


Redradtech said...

I have no clue what God is calling me to do any longer. I just figure I am working to minister love and tenderness to others. As far as my family goes, who knows. I worked so hard for years to give my best to my family only to see great disappointment at times. I kind of just let the chips fall where they may now. I have been very scattered lately. Not good to be that way, but I don't enjoy being home and find reasons to go do things and then I spend too much money. Well that is enough for now. heehe

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I was blog hopping tonight from the Graced with Lace link and came across your blog. I loved my visit and plan to come back often.

I did a post tonight about "what was in my hand" but with a's all the different readings that I'm scheduled to do in the next few months.

I loved your movie list. I've seen most of them. I recently used the quote from the Last Samari..."Tell me how he died. I will tell you how he lived."