Sunday, January 17, 2010


Watched 2 very interesting flicks this week. Akeelah & the Bee. Brought back fond memories of police helicopters patrolling our Pasadena neighborhood. Besides that it was a fun family movie where the smart and caring kids finish well.
Also watched Masterpiece Theater's The Secret Life of Mrs. Beeton, the most famous cookery writer in Britain's history. The deceased Mrs. Beeton is the narrator, which is an interesting perspective. While the real Mrs. Beeton died of Childbed fever the premise in the story is that she contracted syphilis from her philandering husband,and died as a result. The movie was a tragedy and left me feeling unsettled and sad.

Reading Habibi, by Nye- a Palestinian-American family moves home to Israel. Lots of interesting discussion about Palestinian/Israeli relations, history and ways of understanding. A great kids read-aloud but good for those of us interested in knowing more about the Middle East.
Our friend Laura sent us Glory Revealed a couple months ago and it's been my fav CD since. Lots of good Christian classics, gone folk. A group of very talented musicians got together for a week-end at a farm, recorded in a barn and came out with this. Good listening and feet tapping fun.
Beit Midrash- Genesis 44 -Joseph's cup. Application included:
  1. Joseph lived where he was put, did all that he did to God's glory, and was not corrupted by the culture. How often are we transplanted by unusual or difficult circumstances and gripe and complain?
  2. The brother's Jacobson stood on their own righteousness, despite previous questionable activity. How often do we do the same? Reminded me of the Mrs. Beeton flick. Often, maybe more than we realize, a priori rules.
  3. Judah, the root of the Tribe from whence Jesus comes, offered himself up as a living sacrifice, that his brother might live.

For the record, I love our Bible Study. It is full of thoughtful, kind, committed Christians who are hungry for the word, laugh out loud and pray with purpose.

That's about it- did check out the weekly political cartoons:

Praying for Haiti.

A blessed Sabbath.

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