Friday, January 1, 2010

52 Books in 2009 Wrap-Up

As you can see by my side-bar list of books read in 2009 I didn't make a book-a-week. I barely made 1/2 that, even with throwing in some of the eled read-alouds I did with the notsolittles and books of the Bible. Oh Well. It was a worthy goal, a challenge and as hard as I thought it would be given what life is like. I did peruse Science News each and every week and actually read some of the articles there and in National Geographic and Ranger Rick = ).
However, it was great to be more intentional about reading. Robin, host of the 52 Books a Week Blog, had some great questions for year-end-review:

  1. Even if you didn't, how many did you manage to read? 24 + part of 1 (Climbing Parnassus)
  2. Did you discover a new author or a new genre. Chiam Potok
  3. Did you rediscover an old classic or reread a book from years gone by? Old Yeller-beautiful and poignant. Little House Books- maybe my 5th time reading them outloud. Classic, charming, beautiful.
  4. What book did you finish up the challenge with? Old Yeller...wait, can I add another Amelia Bedelia? I read "....runs for Mayor" last night before bed and that takes me to 25!!
  5. Did you read from a list and fly by the seat of your pants choosing a different book each week? I started with a very carefully planned list. hahaha. Reverted quickly to flying by the seat of my pants...
  6. What was your favorite book? The Chosen. Wow. And Climbing Parnassus.Wow.
  7. What was your least favorite book? The Road. Blech.
  8. Did you learn something new about reading, yourself or a topic you read? Reading Potok more clearly refined my vision for education. In his writing education and relationship are intertwined. Education is not about learning facts or knowing how to do a thing, it is about becoming the person you are called to be, stewarding your gifts, talents, skills, place and time in life, serving the Master of the Universe with all that you are. The educational model that Potok writes about (Hebraic) blows away the triviality of post-modern thinking, gets way beyond the pragmatics of modernistic thinking and gets to the heart of who a person is. As an educator, mom, friend, Christian, I want that for myself and I want to inspire others to get there.
  9. What is on your wish list for 2010? Revisiting the Odyssey and the Iliad (partly cause Feche-Boy has that on his list next and partly cause The Trojan War was so good). Finishing Climbing Parnassus. A couple of books on Writing and Getting Published. I'd also like to re-visit the list I made last year that included several books on the "World of Google" and other marketing related books. Still have a couple Potok books to read and I never did get to "Three Cups of Tea."
Robin is hosting another Challenge for 2010, so hop on over to her site and join in!


Book Dragon said...

Thanks for the comment on my wrap up post. I just read part of your decades in review post and that's why I'm reading more than you! I've just got the one kids at home and he's 20. I hate housework. ;-)

Sherrie said...

I started with a list of 52 books, but it soon went by the wayside. But I did finish with 52 books read. Have a great day!

Just Books

Diane said...

Looks like you had a terrific year. May 2010 be just as good or better.

Robin of My Two Blessings said...

Considering all that went on in your life this year, reading 24 1/2 books is pretty darn good. I hope this year turns into a blessed new year for you and your family. Looking forward to hearing about what you read and learn in 2010. Happy New Year!