Thursday, January 21, 2010

Annus Vox (Yearly Word)

Ann Voskamp over at Holy Experience and Jen at Conversion Diaries have both written about their "words" for the year. I read their posts days and days ago, but nothing came to mind; in fact I felt rather blase and completely devoid of creativity. But today, back over at Jen's blog, I decided quickly upon a word:

Maybe I choose this word because it seems for so long my word has been "Stuck" and perhaps that word comes to mind because our Pastor has been preaching a series on "Stuck."

Either way, I like the possibilities of DREAM. It's the only reason I'm attempting the 52 books in a Year Challenge because it's hard to fit in so much personal reading time when the house is full of people who want and need to interact. DREAM also represents so much of the fall-out, if you will, from the fire and the funeral. Both represented endings, and like seeds that fall to a ground and die, they also, in an upside down and topsy-turvy way, represent new things. For one, no small feat that it is, I'll have a new kitchen, new wiring, new heating, new plumbing. Lots of new.

It seems to me that the year is fresh enough and newly born to live large, think beyond, and DREAM.

Do you have a word for the year? I'd love to hear about it.

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