Friday, January 1, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday

1. Happy New Year.
I'm a list maker and love this time of year (and early summer) to plan, tweak, think, research, and over plan what's coming. Oftentimes I'll find lists later and realize that they remain unfulfilled, but just as frequently I'll discover that long-forgotten hopes and dreams have became reality. The power of the pen. How bout' you? Do you make a resolution list?

2. Goals that I'm concerned I won't meet are those I'm not willing to publicly expose. I hate not getting to where I want to be.

3. The fine line between my resolution's and God's will for my life remains a genuine query for me. Certainly we aren't the only ones who struggle with this? The pragmatists in our life are certain that it's all about personal will. Thoughts?

4. I'm doing a Book Challenge this year- 52 Books in 2010. I had a list going but misplaced it in the move from the hotel. Life of Pi keeps coming up and Christianity Today, news to me, has a mag called books and letters with lots of great literary many books and I'm determined to read more of them in 2010.

5. The Daniel Academy (the U.M.S that we started this past fall) has been taking up lots of brain space lately. What to do with it this spring. Where to go with it beyond that...

6. Contentment and lack of has been something I've been meditating on. I'm always looking for the next thing. Always seeing "out there," never feeling settled or "at home." Not sure if it's a visionary gift or a discontentment curse.

7. Our 3 older kids are back "in place." KB and Feche Boy were at a week-long youth conference and returned home today. Miss. R and I rendezvoused with her ride in MN yesterday and she arrived in the south late last night. Just in time to miss a night of -25 degree weather!

Wising you a New Year filled with warmth and fulfilled HOPES!
Jen has more Quick Takes today at her blog, Conversion Diary. Stop by and wish her a New Year!

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