Thursday, February 5, 2009

WR: Busy and Productive

It's been busy and hectic. The kids did an awesome job on the play last Saturday. Unfortunately the camera went haywire and I still don't have pics to post yet! Everyone promptly came down with a flu/cold that we'd been fighting- I practically soaked Cub in cough syrup to get him through the play day but we made it through and then people collapsed.

This week we did Latin 3 days. Woohoo. We started at the beginning of LC II just to get it down. I am getting it. I feel like the Grammar Catechism is giving me the definitions that I need to really understand a foreign language. It's such a relief to understand when for years and years and through foreign languages, one after another, I just felt like a dolt, inadequate and stupid. I am getting it. I am learning it. I can teach it. It's really so simple. I am amazed.

We continue with Memory work though I just didn't have much umph this week. We went through the Grammar Catechism several times and are almost through Pronouns. Did I mention that you should get Living Memory, that the Grammar Catechism is brilliant and worth the price of the book?

We listened to SOTW Modern Ages for hours. I love S.W. Bauer's books. Jim Weiss' reading of it gets on my nerves but Cub loves it and made all sorts of connections again this week. He breathes history.

Math and phonics continue on. I'm going to have KB and Feche-boy watch Videotext along with Saxon. Math...our nemesis. Well, that and Grammar.

We finished Francis Shaeffer's How Shall We Then Live and watched another 3 sessions of Story of the World Megaconference. Volume 8 on the Mayan Civilization is sobering at best.

The weather was 49 degrees today- a wonderful break from the sub-zero temps we've had so far this winter. The kids spent 3 hours tramping all over our 10 acres today, soaking up sun and fresh air, the dogs romping along with them and everyone came in muddy and full of freshness. We walked to the river again at dusk, Cub with a kitten on his neck both there and back, and checked out Mr. Beaver's handywork, the water still with a thin layer of ice on it.

We read stories every night and Flower is writing stories and reading simple words everywhere and delighted when she can make sense of things. She and Feche-boy spent hours today creating maps and KB and Cub are drawing a lot as well. We continue to read chapters a week in the Bible and are moving steadily along in CS II. Cub begs for it daily and is having a blast relating ancient history to the Bible. KB is going to start with a co-op tomorrow taking Molecules and Art. Our little co-op is going to have a mom's meeting tomorrow to get focused and tighten up our spring.

The Winter Warm-Up is Saturday and we have 50 gals registered. TeenPact is at the end of the month and we have 36 students for the 4-day class and 26 for the 1-day. Another full and busy week. How was yours?


Wee Pip said...

Looks like you fit a lot in! I'm sure you're relieved the play is over. I can relate on understanding what I'm teaching. I haven't tried Latin yet (gulp), but my brain is clicking with chemistry - amazing! It's a great feeling. I think I learn more than the kids!

Our Westmoreland School said...

Sounds, like the title suggests, busy and productive. What a good week!

Rhonda said...

Sounds like a very busy and very wonderful week. I'm sorry that you've had sick kids though.
I've had sick ones here too but we're finally on the mend.
I hope you have a great and restful week-end! :)

Melissa said...

What a great weekly report! I love the nightly reading and the 3 days of Latin--that would be a major accomplishment here too. :) Warmer temps here too, at least for a couple days. Enjoy!