Sunday, February 15, 2009

Thar Be Beaver on our River!

Our property is bordered by a wonderful and winding river. We walk on it in the winter when it is frozen and unyielding, sit by it in the spring when it gurgles and plays, check it when it overflows its banks and creeps into our south pastures when the snow melts. It is a bonus and one we love. Tonight Feche boy was returning from a boy-dog romp and saw 2 beavers at the river. We knew they were there as the dam they built has been one we've watched change and grow and baby trees in our south field have been found missing.
We all ventured down to the river on tip-toe and watched a beaver at the edge of the river for several minutes. Viking Man and the kids walked along the river to within 10 feet of it. It spent a full minute contemplating them and showed off all 2 feet of himself and then dove it. His mate was swimming nearby and we watched the pair of them with noses up and diving down for a few minutes. The wind was cold, but nature, once again, warms us with its beauty.


servingHimblind said...



I apologize, I experienced a 'turtle from 'Finding Nemo' moment. Do forgive.

Laughing Lioness said...

you are outta control! how is Amber's project coming??