Saturday, February 21, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday

Went shoe shopping last night. This no easy task as I wear a size 11's- not wides, mind you, making it even harder. I needed style, comfort and the price that was right. I found 2 pairs, both on sale, one pair which I LOVE and was 20% off the 50% sale. WOOHOO!! God is in the details.
Ready or not, we are headed to TeenPact! 42 students, tons of homework, Frisbees in hand, food, food, food. We are ready to rock the capitol!
I am re-reading the AG stories with Miss. Flower. She snuggles up with me in bed, looks up at me with her beautiful blue eyes, says, "I love you, Mommy," and begs for one more chapter. Sigh. I love having girls.
Cub's attitude was so much better. He has really matured this year. I think it's helped that Flower has school tasks and household jobs. His current fav toy is his light-saber. He goes few places without it and on every outside break can be found twirling and leaping across our raised garden beds fighting the enemy. This boy has the most award-winning smile. If he would just smile all of the time, he would be voted prez of the world.
College Woman is facing too many choices, the stress of making money for the future and not enough real rest. Long talk this week. Viking Man and I are so thankful that our adult kids talk with us, confide in us, seek our counsel and are truly our friends. We love you, girlfriend!!
We came home late last night and discovered smoke and a burning plastic smell in our 2nd floor bedroom. Investigation revealed that the furnace is caput. Not a good thing to have a dead furnace where the cold wind blows. We usually burn wood for heat but Viking Man has been getting trounced hour wise at work so hasn't been able to cut more. His list of things to do for the week-end got longer and another repair bill got added to the pile. I am trying to contain my guilt over purchasing much needed shoes.

KB and Feche-boy outdid themselves this week in helping the notsolittles with school, staying on task themselves and helping me get the details for TP nailed down. KB made me so many cups of coffee and tea, they all helped clean the 2nd floor, and KB even made brownies in a cup = ). They are delightful people.

It has been a taxing and tiring week, but there is fullness and peace in knowing that God is near and knows us and our needs.

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