Saturday, July 27, 2013

Reviews and More

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School this week has been limited to review products, which means that our lives are enriched and we are learning and growing beyond our own little perspective. I feel a little, wee bit, hardly-at -all-guilty over saying  that these products are "excellent" but once you get your hands on them, you'll see for yourself just how amazing they are!

Computer Science Anyone?TeenCoder is just the thing. A wonderful, much needed addition to the homeschooling market, especially for non-techno families like ours. You are going to want to check this out!
Global Art
Who doesn't love Art and Geography? If you don't, we need to chat! Global Art will keep the inspiration flowing!
125x125 Button (be sure to imbed your affiliate code)
Circle Time is one of those must reads for homeschoolers. Organize your day around your family and get more done than you thought possible!
Christi the Coupon Coach's Couponing Made Simple will help you re-think how you shop. We have some crazy shopping challenges and I've emailed Christi about them. She is a wealth of knowledge and a shopping hacker and will teach you how to be one too. A must read for anyone buying groceries these days!

There's more coming up: a documentary on Almanzo Wilder, Notgrass History, Bible Study for All Ages and Understanding Child Brain Development, with more coming after that!

Good Stuff.
best edtech
And one more amazing list from Spritti-bee: My Big-FAT Homeschool Links List.

3 sides of the house are done, leaving one side and the windows on the front porch. 
Next up, the stairs. More sanding. More stain. Fun times. 

Why do I so love this picture?! 
Funny Californian Giraffes Joke Image

Finished The God King- another winner from Bethlehem Books; historical fiction about the Egyptian King mentioned in 2 Kings, along with Hezekiah, and the Assyrians. Great story-telling with a riveting plot.
We are currently reading the Magna Charta by Doughtery. Interesting look at the Middle Ages. 


Ready for school in the fall? 
Tell me what you are looking forward to most, a new tool you've discovered or a field trip you're going on.


Mary said...

My library has Global Art - I think I need to check it out!

Amy @ Hope Is the Word said...

We are spending a week--more or less--at the beach this fall. I anticipate lots of nature study , etc., while there. We're reading Pagoo in preparation. I'm excited!

Unknown said...

Love Global Art!!!!

Crystal said...

I love the other books in the series, I'd really enjoy getting my hands on Global Art.

Anonymous said...

Ha! The giraffes made me laugh! I can't wait to see the review of Almanzo Wilder's stuff.

Lisa Boyle said...

I love the giraffe photo, too! :-) I am looking forward to some time at the beach at the end of the summer before we start back with school.

Meg Falciani said...

We are reviewing The Homegrown Preschooler, so I'm excited to read the Global Art reviews - I couldn't decide which I wanted more!