Friday, July 5, 2013


Houses painted on rocks
In case you haven't heard yet, we are painting the outside of our house. The huge, 3 story, 4 x 4 farmhouse. It has already consumed 10 gallons of primer and 10 gallons of top coat and 5 outdoor tubes of caulking and sundry sections of 2 x 4 wood. Apparently, it's a thirsty critter. The good news? Only 2 sides to go- woot!
Dr. Dh and Feeche have moved the 25' high scaffolding 6 times this week as of 10 minutes ago. One more time should do it and then, because of the front and back porch roofs, we'll be done with the scaffolding. Between moving, lifting, hauling, painting, dangling from ladders, even they, the inexhaustible duo, are exhausted. Which means the rest of us mere mortals are practically dead from tired.

Have I mentioned that our house is looking grand? As in, in it's a grand old house. And it just keeps getting better.

School? Consisted of lots of instruction on scraping, priming, painting, along with apologetics (listening to Focus on the Family's Radio Theater rendition of The Screw tape Letters), choir practice (think singing at the top of their lungs (mostly musicals) and memory work (quoting whole movies), while we painted. The Princess Bride takes top winner in quotables. But then, you knew that already, didn't you, hmmm?
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After working a week of loooonnngggg days on the house, Feeche works both jobs all week-end and then heads off to Shakespeare Camp where he will be the sane King Lear. He is feeling a bit tired,weary and worn-out, with a full week-end of working in the sun to come. He's already sun-burned (and that takes a lot for him). Maybe he should have taken the role of Crazy King Lear?

The hay is baled. Bummer for Cub as it's round bales this year, not squares, so no life-sized Lego bales. He is sorely put out.
Cub's "Stare of Awesomeness." Gotta love it!
In other news...Wait. There is no other news. The house has consumed our life for the week. Oh, wait. My review of the latest from Classical Conversations: Prescripts, Sentences and Art Instruction. We loved it!

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Bethany said...

Oh how fun to play on the hay bales!