Monday, July 29, 2013

Girls Rock Brick!

Girls rock brick, that is!
Remember the brick walk from last summer? 
This is from last summer's major project- tons of bricks, sand, even pick-axes! 
We have enjoyed every square inch of it. Well, we had enough to do a short section to the right of the porch. I'm done with all of the painting on the outside of the house that I can do, so while the men-folk worked on that, Flower and I got down in the dirt, dug a walk-way and filled it in with brick. 

We did actually recruit Cub to help once he was done doing detail painting on the eaves. He didn't jump up and down or anything at the thought of having to help with another project. Luckily, we were almost done when he came on-board.

And here it is. So, why didn't it take forevah like the 30' brick walk?  A) we just went about 6' towards the side yard 1) because it's not used that much and 2) we were running out of brick (we reclaimed it from a building being torn down in town about the same age as our 85+ year old house) and B) we know what we're doing. We didn't use pegs and twine to mark off our walk, we just eye-balled it from the west side walk and lined it up with the main walk, dug, smoothed, laid out brick, smoothed the foundation more, re-laid brick, picked it up, smoothed it and then re-laid brick  (no, that wasn't a typo- getting it even is the tricky part!) and then sanded it in. I also transplanted some of the volunteer marigolds that came up in the little planters we made. 

This is the non-cleaned up version of the front view- still lots of mess from painting, and buckets from dirt hauling, but it gives you a good idea of what the walks look like. 
Total love. 

 2 days, 2 girls. Ka-bam. Do we rock brick, or what?!


HeatherLee said...

It really is beautiful. What an awesome project your home has become.

Michelle G said...

Great job kids! That's hard work!

Sheryl said...

Great job! You really might be the " the projectest loving family" after all.

Do you have any other major renovations planned for this summer?

Anonymous said...

Talented family. Way to get the kids involved!

kewkew said...

Wow, what a lovely brick walkway. You guys did a great job!

Jannell said...

You guys are amazing. How do you do it all?