Saturday, July 7, 2012

Summer Snapshots #10 - Delicious Summer Soup

For some reason we can grow amazing amounts of vegetables that no one really eats anymore and the more common ones barely make it. Chard is one veggie that we can grow and grow and grow. It's actually a beet, and it smells like one and tastes like one, no matter how beautiful the stalks are in yellow and pink. We eat it anyway. Chock full of good vitamins and minerals (it's smells like dirt, so it's got to be full of good stuff, right?!)

If you have chard you don't know what to do with, here is a very simple, and surprisingly delicious, summer soup.

Boil 6 cups of water, with 1 Tbs chicken bouillon added.
Add 1# very thinly sliced chard (stems and all) and let boil 8 -10 min.
Beat 2 eggs, drop with fork into boiling water, cook until stringy.
Add Parmesan and seasoning if you want.

You'll feel like superwoman eating this. It is clean and refreshing, and tastes good, too!

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