Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Summer Snapshot- the Family Cemetery

After spending a lovely day lake-side in WI this past week-end, we ventured up to Dr. dh's family's point of origin. Walked the family cemetery with Aunt Carol and took pictures of great-grand-parents and grand-parents headstones. Old headstones, some unreadable and around 150 years old, including  the A's, M's and N's that we are related to; German and Prussian with lots of Albert's and Wilhemina's. The weather was delightful, warm; the sunlight dappled by north woods pine and  old oak. Carol had lots of stories and history to share, of Grandpa N's hardware store and family that lived near, who moved away and who married whom.
We spend an hour at the bottom of the cemetery with Carol talking about our own history and God's redemption in our lives. Sweet memories of family and faith shared.

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