Friday, July 6, 2012

Summer Snapshot #10- It's a Fowl Business

Spent 4 hours in the garden last night. Moved eggplant and basil and weeded like a wild woman. The grasshoppers continue to wreck havoc, but I've noticed that where the sprinkler goes, the grasshoppers don't. Laura Ingalls Wilder's Plum Creek accounts of the 1870 Grasshopper invasion always did give me the willies but having an infestation of our own brings it to life. They are disgusting. And voracious. And crunch when stepped on. Ask me how I know.

Pesticide wasn't working and, crunchy that I am, I don't like using it. Enter....guinea fowl. We have 5, pearl grey adolescents, fully feathered and shy. We've kept them caged all week so they get clued in that this is their new happy home and somehow they have survived the heat and our moving the cage around the year (a huge one we hauled goats in way back before we chose trees over goats).

I have high hopes. Big fat pearl grey guinea fowl and a grasshopper free acreage. I'll keep you posted as to how my evil plan is working.

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