Saturday, July 28, 2012

Seeing Green!

We are trying to cram as much summer in a possible. The kids are reading; Usborne's Shakespeare has been the carry-along book of the month, interest ignited by the High Schoolers performance of The Tempest.
photo courtesy of Ana

Grimm's Fairy Tales has been the newest acquisition, and Flower is a little shocked at just how different they are from the Disney versions. I don't think she expected them to be quite so glibly sanitized as the aforementioned Disney versions, but neither did she expect toe amputation.
Road trip to WI to rendezvous with extended family to celebrate my f-i-l's sister's 50th wedding anniversary. He is the oldest of 5 and they are all alive and well, which just amazes me. My s-i-l and I agree that we married into a great gene pool. Last time we all got together was at my in-laws 50th almost 3 years ago, just weeks before the house fire. It's been a wild ride between parties.

The drive to WI just got better and better. We are in severe drought in SD- we've lost some trees and bushes (even took to watering our 80 yo lilac) and the corn in our area is being harvested for bedding and silage. It was wonderful to drive into lush, beautiful green. MN was greener than SD and WI greener still. Love that color!

Have His Carcase
I spent the drive deep into Sayer's Have His Carcase. It's not as deep as Nine Tailors or Gaudy Night, but still a very satisfying Wimsey/Vane mystery.

Feeche is almost done with Alg. II. This is big news as his freshman year got a bit de-railed with the fire/ funeral/moves, etc. and by the end of this summer he will be back on track with math. I think we'll be switching from LoF after this book- more math angst- checking out MUS. Any other suggestions, besides Saxon?

Horse Camp was terrifically fun this week because Patty came and shared about her child-hood riding and jumping and winning ribbons on horses, along with how she meet Misty of Chincoteague irl! So fun!
Next up is Brighty and then we'll call it a summer. The BF guide was a bit hard to do as a once a week study but it was a good enough jumping off point. I think the strength of what we did this summer had more to do with geography than horses or lit, but they enjoyed the map and flag study so it's all good.

We drug our saddle upstairs and the big fun was everyone taking a turn sitting on it and posing. Simple pleasures!

Winners for the MP give-away posted later today!
How was your week?

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