Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fall Planning- Curriculum

Friday begins the "Not Back to School Hop" over at the Post and Week 1 is on Curriculum.

I am knee deep in decisions. First of all Feeche will be a rising Sr. We have a ton to cram in before it's all said and done, and he'll be gone 10 -12 days in October. Do you think 9 classes this fall is over-kill? hahaha.

Cub has some awesomely great choices at TC but Math is still the big question.

Flower is ready for more- lots more, as long as it involves social interaction. Intellecutally she's ahead but temprament style..let's just say if I dish up more advanced work within a social context, it goes down a whole lot easier.
The good news is that MP Core 6 is sitting here waiting to be made use of- YIPPee!

All of that to say, I'm mid-plan, not ordered, and the school year is looming. ACK! We'll be out of pocket this week-end but I hope to have something ready to post by Monday for the hop!

Where are you in the process.


I'm just saying: said...

I'm only homeschooling one and we're ready to hit the books. The spelling and grammar were delivered last week. We begin in August and when ds saw the books for next year he was excited. He's taken the science book off the shelf the most this summer. =)

Caitilin said...

I think we're ready; I just bought my last book I need--SWB's HOAW--tonight. Once it comes, I can divvy it up into chunks, and I am set. (this does not include the requisite foray-into-high school-freak-out, naturally.) ;)