Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Summer Snapshot #8- Annual Pyro Party

Dh is a closet pyro. He had nothing to do with our house burning (believe me, the insurance company did a thorough investigation!). But he does love a good, (legal) reason to light things, burn things and blow things up. What better holiday than 4th of July? You'd think it was his birthday.
First of all,we gather a huge pile of stuff to blow up; luckily we live in a state where fireworks sales are encouraged (home of the free, land of the libertarian and all of that).
Then he lights the punks, loads the kids down with sparklers and proceeds to send rockets and bombs skyward to burst and show off their red glare. If he gets a strobe in the bunch he does a 70's dance for us- very entertaining.  The notsolittles follow him around begging to light stuff, too- little pyros in the making.
The older kids sit around and drink coffee and crack jokes.
The old dog whines, the young dog howls and the guinea fowl chirp and flap. Even the killdeer got in on the act and threw a fit after every.single. big bang.
O.k. that was just with the fam this week-end. Today is the actual 4th. On to bigger and better.

The bottom line is that we are proud to celebrate living in a country that has allowed a manner of freedom unbeknownest to most of the world, for most of it's history.
Happy Birthday America!

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