Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hay Bale Lego Bricks

Cub had friends over at an opportune time- hay bales in the field. They all donned work gloves and proceeded to build. Fun in the sun, baby!

Ta-da! One fort complete.

\And then it all got hauled away!

Barn rat. Don't worry. We are in to catch and release.

We hayed the fields, we hayed the fields! Actually our friend Stan hayed the fields and we have some (more) work to do in them in order to be hayed again. But, it was a victory of sorts as the fields have been long and sorely neglected, full of metal, trash, barbed wire and downed trees. And the hay made a couple horse/goat folks happy as it's been dry as bones here; folks are already feeding their life-stock hay and hoarding for winter.

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Chelli said...

I have great memories of playing in the hay field. My grandfather had round bales, and my cousins and I would go out in the pasture and play hide and go seek behind them.

Looks like your son and his friends had some fun as well!