Monday, March 7, 2011


Writing and Reading jazz me. I'm enamored with words.They rock. This week-end was a blast because it was full up with words. To the brim. Which I love.

KB and I went to our Writer's Group. Love it. Really and truly. It includes a publisher, several published poets, 2 published novelists, a couple journalists. And they are all just regular people who love words, listen well, give valuable feed-back and are encouraging, despite obvious political and religious differences. The best part is that they can really write.

Talked to my Sister a couple of times over the past week. She had gone down to Corinne's to help her sort out Dad's stuff. Oy vey. Still so much to think about and clarify. She knew some things about our family that I hadn't and I said, "How do you know that" and she responded, "How did you not?" It is so true that each child in a family is raised in a different family.

Read, "The Help" by Kathryn Stockett this week-end. Fantastico! Perfect for a unit study on Civil Rights or relationships, especially regarding secrets. Or if you just want to read a really well-written novel. Just as terrific as everyone had said it would be. I also have a review copy of Reimagining Church waiting to get read and reviewed and am expecting Half the Church in the mail soon.. I'm going to be part of a blog tour and have read a teaser and it looks incredible!  I also won 2 copies of Ann Voskamps book, One Thousand Gifts last week so keep your eyes peeled for a blog give-away soon!

DRAMA (I mean, besides our own!)
Watched the 2009 BBC version of Emma this week-end with Romola Garai, who also starred in Amazing Grace. A delightful story with a talented actress. Miss. Flower is fast becoming as much of an Austenite as the rest of us. There's a Jane Austen fan page on FB ; )

Had lunch on Sunday with a Messianic believer who is American by birth but has lived in Germany for decades and is doing evangelistic work there utilizing the arts. Poly linguistic and fascinating; we're getting together with him and some other believers interested in the Messianic movement later on this week.

Off to fill my children's heads with words (and make them write some, too!).

What words are you reading and writing right now?


Ana Braga-Henebry said...

You are giving me some writing ideas... my mom sent many letters through my marriage, I have kept them... and I used to tell her that one day I would write a book entitled Letters from My Mother"...

LaughingLioness said...

I love that idea! That would be a splendid book!