Monday, March 14, 2011

Beware the Packaging!

From my friend, Vikke...

    Say you've been saving up to buy makeup, face scrub, and so on, to look good for your oldest daughter's wedding. You buy Neutrogena Mineral Sheers at Big Lots for $2.99.  Ooooh: good price, good brand, good color.
    Then, you can't figure out how to open it.  It looks as though you'd be able to open the brush at one end of the rectangular compact, open the powder at the other end, dip one into the other, voila.     
    The brush end opens nicely (assuming you can get the aeronautics-grade plastic wrapping off the compact).  But it's going to take a civil engineer to figure out how to get to the powder end.  The powder end does not open.  Do I just shake the whole thing, and the powder falls through to the brush and is applied to my face?
    If I keep poking at it, the compact is going to break and there will be powder everywhere---none of it, incidentally, on my face, which is where I bought the powder to be; and all of it wasted.
    Oh yeah, the internet---answer to all society's problems.  Google "how to open neutrogena mineral sheers".
    The first link is entitled "How do I get this $*% thing open?!?"
    I am not the only person having trouble with this.  I feel better already!
    I'd already decided to do what one of the reviewers suggests: break down the whole thing, put the powder in an empty container, toss the brush (which is a bit rough) and go on from there.  Case solved.
    Beware Neutrogena packaging.


Unknown said...

This sincerely made me laugh out loud!! I hate it when I have to fight through the outer packaging only to find out that I have to fight with the inner container!

Great post!

Deanna said...

Sometimes better living does not come through chemistry (or in this case engineering). I feel your frustration concerning packaging. ugh. said...

Crazy, isn't it! No wonder make-up costs so much with all of the plastic it's encased in.
Lillian- I LOL, too! Vikke summed it up!
Deanna- my dh quotes that all the time, "Better living through chemistry!" : )